Anonymous asked: I didnt know you were a writer?! You are brilliant!

Yes, I have two stories on Wattpad, hoping to publish in the future! Thank you so much (:

Sometimes you don’t know exactly why you love someone. You cannot seem to pinpoint any specific trait that they possess that makes you reeled with adoration every time you’re around them. Sometimes, it is the way their eyes light up when they speak about something they are passionate about, or how they wrap their arms around you lazily when they awake hazily from a deep slumber, only to snuggle you closer and fall back into oblivion. Sometimes it is the exact flaw about them that drives you practically insane, or the way they crinkle their forehead when they are deep in thought. And sometimes, if your one of the lucky ones, it is the way they speak a forbidden language only you can understand.

— Me, myself and I.

And its nights like these that all of my walls crumble, where my warrior reverie diminishes. I know why I stay. I know why I love you. And I now know exactly what I am fighting for. For you, for this, for us.

— Me, myself and I

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i hate when ur boob starts falling out of ur bra like excuse me ma’am please return to your assigned seat


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